Cash Blackbear mysteries (by Marcie Rendon)

Murder on the Red River (book 1)

Like thousands of Native Americans, Cash was taken from her mother and entered the system as a young child. Now an adult she is a chain-smoking farm worker who hustles a pool table for drinks every night.
She lives the small life, the life of getting by, that is lived by everyone who has no money. When the body of a Native American man is found in a field she investigates his murder.



Girl Gone Missing (book 2)

Cash has enrolled in college and is struggling to balance life on campus with driving a farm truck and hustling a pool table.  When girls start to go missing, all blonde haired and blue eyed she finds herself pulled into the investigation.





There isn’t much I can say that will do justice to the Cash Blackbear series.  It’s gritty and real, like a punch in the gut. Marcie R. Rendon uses her craft to not only tell a story that drags you through the pages, she also manages to weave in lessons that every single person needs to hear.

5 Stars.

The Silence (by Kendra Elliot)

Romantic Suspense

A paranoid conspiracy nut is murdered outside Portland, and Detective Mason Callahan catches the case. While at his home he stumbles upon a plot blow up a government building but as the police race there a sniper starts shooting, killing and injuring multiple police officers.

With the killer seeming to taunt the police and leads thin on the ground, Ava and Mason find themselves in the killer’s sights.

The Silence is an entertaining book that bends under the weight of the unlikeliness of the plot.
Was it too much?
It probably depends on where you are coming from. If you want a police procedural that’s true to life, this isn’t your book. But if you want some entertaining romantic suspense you’ll probably love this book despite the few liberties the author takes.

Many thanks to Montlake and Netgalley for providing me with this review copy