Three Strong Words (by Becky S. Araujo)

I originally reviewed this book as a guest reader for The Indie Bookshelf. The Indie Bookshelf is a blog created and run by a group of frighteningly talented women that supports independent authors.   It is something like an Aladdin’s Cave for book lovers and a great place to find your next book.

I hate you. I never actually said those words aloud to him but in the beginning I sure did think it a lot. The thought of being near him sent nausea churning through my stomach and hearing his name caused my temper to flare to the point where I could almost feel my blood boil. Aiden Parker, every time I look at you three words always run around in my head. I hate you.

Aidan’s father is widely known as the most racist man in town. A man who enjoys beating up people of color for kicks.

When Esmeralda, a young Hispanic woman, is forced to do a joint school project with Aidan there are immediate fireworks. In her opinion, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and she isn’t going to take any abuse from him. But over time she comes to realize that he is completely different to his father and their initial antagonism turns to attraction.

This book isn’t perfect. There are things which just didn’t work. There was a (thankfully) brief detour into a courtroom drama which fell flat and honestly didn’t belong in this book. But those little blips don’t add up to much and there are so many good things about this book that I can’t help but love it.

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