Checkmate (by R.L. Mathewson)

…he had to touch her, had to kiss her and he did just that.
“Ow!” he winced, stepping away from Rory as he rubbed the back of his head where it suddenly throbbed. He looked over his shoulder and found all five of her brothers watching them with innocent doe-like expressions on their faces.
“It was a squirrel,” Craig said somehow keeping a straight face.
“Vicious little bastards,” Bryce added solemnly.
“You should really be careful,” Johnny added before mouthing “bitch.”

Rory and Connor have been bitter enemies since pre-school. Over the years their many battles have become folklore and they’ve been banned from just about every establishment in town. When their building companies are awarded a joint contract to renovate a hotel the sparks immediately start flying. It’s a knock down drag out battle for the right to be called the #1 building contractor in town. But maybe their biggest problem is that they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.

R.L. Mathewson’s A Neighbor from Hell series is whacky and completely off the wall. As an independent author she doesn’t have the same resources as other authors, but she still manages to deliver books that are polished and completely addictive. She’s the best thing since sliced bread and Checkmate is yet another fun read you won’t want to end.

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