2012 Books that blew my mind…

1. The Siren                                                                   (by Tiffany Reisz) Erotica

I couldn’t think of anything else for weeks after I read this book. A stand-out for the best book I’ve read this year.

(this book contains graphic depictions of sex and bad language. Some readers may find it offensive.)




2. Easy                                                                        (by Tammara Webber) Young Adult

Well written and well researched. It’s a book which deals with the difficult issue of sexual assault but it’s also a gentle love story.





3. Days of Blood & Starlight                                    (by Laini Taylor) Fantasy

Book two in the Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy, Days of Blood & Starlight is one of those rare books that change the way you look at a genre.





4. Flowertown                                                               (by S.G. Redling) Thriller / Suspense

I found this book uncomfortable and disturbing. A dystopian novel about a town which is put in lockdown after a chemical spill.





5. Checkmate                                                            (by R.L. Mathewson) Romance (I think)

In the space of twelve months R.L. Mathewson has gone from being a complete unknown to me, to being one of my favorite authors. Her Neighbor from Hell series has me aching from laughter.




6. Confessions of an Angry Girl                                (by Louise Rozett) Young adult

A book which deals with a whole grab bag of issues facing young adults and manages to do it without preaching.





7. Even White Trash Zombies get the Blues           (by Diana Rowland) Urban Fantasy

Book two in Diana Rowland’s White Trash Zombie series is every bit as much fun as the first.





8. Eleanor & Park                                                         (by Rainbow Rowell) Young Adult / Romance

This book is due to be published early in 2013 but it’s incredible. Intelligent and poetic.





9. My Bluegrass Baby                                               (by Molly Harper) Contemporary Romance / Chick Lit

I love Molly Harper’s snarky, often biting but always intelligent sense of humor.





10. Love You More                                                   (by Lisa Gardner) Mystery & Thriller

Lisa Gardner is a master story teller. She manages to write incredibly complex tales which still manage to be easily read page turners.


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