Adorkable (by Sarra Manning)

Jeane has always been the weird girl at school. Her hair is often the result of failed dye jobs, she wears second hand clothes, the previous owner of which may or may not have had an incontinence problem. She stands out and is proud of it, but she is shunned by her classmates.

That has never been a problem for her, she is a blogger who has a worldwide following and is in high demand on the conference circuit where she speaks about youth-culture.

Michael is her exact opposite, he is in the cool group at school, wears designer labels and generally tries to fit in.

When Michael’s girlfriend hooks up with Jeane’s boyfriend they find themselves crashing into each other with increasing frequency. Both refuse to admit their attraction but they just can’t keep their hands off each other.

Adorkable is great. It’s intelligent, snarky and snappy young adult fiction about two mismatched people who actually fit together very well if they will ever admit it.

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