Wallbanger (by Alice Clayton)

Contemporary Romance

Caroline’s O (orgasm) has deserted her. It happened six months earlier after a less than impressive bedroom encounter with “machine-gun f_cker” Corey Weinstein. Now she has a new apartment, a faithful cat, good friends, but no O.

On her first night in her new apartment she is woken in the early hours by thumping. She quickly realizes her neighbor is getting himself some and the thin wall which separates their bedrooms is copping the brunt of his exertions.

Simon is not short of female company. He has three very different women who will keep him company on a cold night, and none of them want any strings which suits him just fine. When Caroline, sick of his very loud late night liaisons pounds on his door in her pink nighty he immediately knows she is a woman who will need more than he can offer. But she is so damn sexy that he just can’t stay away.

Wallbanger is great fun and completely addictive. In a market that is filled with books that are all trying to grab my attention, this one is somehow a little better. It’s a laugh-out-loud funny romp that manages to take a storyline I’ve seen a dozen times and make it refreshing and entertaining.

Much love for this book.

Recommended to me by Aurelija

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