A Hero to Come Home To (by Marilyn Pappano)

Contemporary Romance

Two years after her husband was killed in Afghanistan, Carly continues to grieve the loss and is unable to move on. Her one respite is the Tuesday night Margarita Club, a group of women who like her have lost their husbands and look to each other for support.

Dane lost his leg after a roadside bomb detonated under the vehicle he was in. Now his life is one of rehabilitation and learning to function on a prosthetic limb. But even more debilitating than the physical trauma is the emotional trauma and he struggles with his feelings of inadequacy.

When he first meets Carly he hides his amputation from her, but as their relationship deepens he knows he needs to come clean. But as he comes to depend on her and the emotional support she gives him more and more, it becomes harder and harder to come clean.

A Hero to Come Home To has it’s feet firmly planted in the contemporary romance genre, and as a contemporary romance it’s one of the better ones I’ve read. But the thing that really sets this book apart…the thing that takes it from a solid 4 Stars to 5 Stars, is how the author has dealt with grief, PTSD and survivor’s guilt.  I’ve read a few books that have broached the topic, most of them come across as well researched but somehow don’t quite get it right. Marilyn Pappano gets it…more than just about any other author I’ve read.

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 8.51.33 pmYellow / Orange / Red – What it means. http://wp.me/P2B7b5-9l

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