Round One (by Lucian Bane)

Erotic Fiction

Tara and Lucian meet in the queue for an audition for a pay per view TV show in which doms compete against each other until only one couple remains. Thrown together as a team Lucian needs to quickly show Tara the ropes (lol).

Lucian is a dom of his own making. He eschews the type of dom lifestyle depicted in erotic fiction. He doesn’t use whips or bondage, preferring to dominate in other ways.

Tara isn’t in the lifestyle and is only there because she desperately needs the money, but despite her naïveté her black belt in Ju Jutsu and her smart mouth make her someone to watch…but she needs to get over her modesty in the bedroom if they are to have any chance at winning.

As they explore their sexuality, they grow closer and eventually are able to help each other move on from a difficult past.

The very first book I reviewed on this blog, perhaps the reason I started it was The Siren by Tiffany Reisz. Since then I’ve dabbled with erotic fiction, read maybe a dozen books in the genre. Some were good, most disappointing. This book is one of the shining lights. It’s short, at 131 pages it’s only just a novel and there are some editing issues as you would expect with an independently released book but there is quite a refreshing honesty to this book. And despite a very simple story which is mostly about sex, there is quite a lot of emotional depth. My good friend Michele has been hounding me to read this book, and now I can see why. It’s very good.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 7.49.54 pmYellow / Orange / Red –– What it means.

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