Accidentally Married on Purpose (by Rachel Harris)

Contemporary Romance

After being burned by love, Sherry takes a job in Las Vegas catering a country music star’s green room. While there she meets a guy who she thinks is a roadie and after the concert they paint the town red. Two days later she wakes up with a terrible hangover and married to Tyler Blue.

Tyler Blue is a country music legend. His life is completely devoted to the music and despite women throwing themselves at him he generally brushes them off and returns to his hotel room alone. Until he sees Sherry in the green room. She’s completely different to the women in his world, starting with the purple streaked hair, her smart mouth and the fact that she doesn’t know him from bar of soap.

Sherry doesn’t fit into his plans. The simple solution is a quickie divorce. The only problem is his fans expect him to live up to his love songs and a divorce could spell the end of his career. He makes a deal with Sherry, he’ll spend a month with her playing the devoted husband before returning to the tour. Then after a bit of time has passed they can quietly go their separate ways. Despite their best efforts they come to depend on each other and fall in love. But his career is on the road and her life is in Magnolia Springs.

I honestly don’t like books set around the music industry, I don’t like the groupies and the hook ups, I don’t like that whole hedonistic lifestyle the gossip magazines pummel me with. Thankfully, Accidentally Married on Purpose isn’t about that at all. It’s a sweet contemporary romance about two people who are perfectly matched but have different goals. It gives me exactly what I want from contemporary romance, a book focused on relationships that is fulfilling and affirming.

Many thanks to Entangled Publishing for providing me with this ARC

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 9.23.18 pmYellow, Orange, Red –– what it means:

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