In the Cards (by Jamie Beck)

Contemporary Romance

Lindsey has an ivy league education, a trust fund, and the perfect fiancé. That is until she discovers her fiancé had a fling with a woman he met at a bar and might have given her an STD. Heart-broken she leaves New York and rents a beach house in Malibu hoping to make some life changing decisions.

Levi is a gambler by nature who made his money by pushing his luck at the card tables in Vegas and shrewdly investing his winnings. Having a con-man for a father and being abandoned by his mother has left him with trust issues and a reluctance to form attachments.

When Lindsey moves in next door his world views are immediately challenged. She somehow manages to keep breaking down the walls he built to protect himself. Then after a motorcycle accident he finds himself depending on her more than he’s depended on anyone since his mother abandoned him.

I really loved this book. I was expecting a lot of angst and was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t materialise. It’s contemporary romance and the story is typical in one sense but with quite an interesting take on things.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 7.25.29 pmYellow, Orange, Red –– what it means:

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