That Touch of Magic (by Lucy March)

Paranormal (Romance?)

After losing her job as the town librarian and with bills to pay, Stacey begins selling potions to help make ends meet. But with no formal education in the ways of magic it’s trial and error from the get-go. When her potions start to produce unintended comic side-effects she needs to find out what she’s doing wrong and quickly.

Then Leo her former lover, the one she never got over shows up in town and wants a second chance. With her magic going haywire and Leo refusing to leave town she can’t seem to catch a break. And if that’s not enough, she finds herself caught in a sinister magical web which could very well cost her her life.

That Touch of Magic is amazing. It’s been two years since A little Night Magic hit the shelves and it’s obvious that Lucy March has kept herself busy. I don’t often read books that are this polished. This book is good fun but there is a hard edge to it that some may find confronting. Not me, I loved it!

Yellow / Orange / Red – What it means.