Montana Romance Novellas (by Merry Farmer)

1. Sarah Sunshine

After working as a prostitute to pay off her debts, Sarah is now free and determined to live a respectable life.  With an indefatigable spirit and a little help from her friends she might just succeed, but there are those in town who are all too willing to judge her for her past.



2. The Indomitable Eve

After escaping her mother who sold her to men for sex, Eve has finally been reunited with her sister.  But her sister has everything Eve wants but can never have and running is the only way she can protect her heart.  Until the town preacher manages to get past the walls she has built to protect heart and finds a woman he loves.



3. Seeks For Her

After divorcing her violent and abusive husband, Rebecca expects little more than to live for her children.  When the town’s pond is threatened she joins forces with Thomas, a Native American doctor to save it.  Together they battle against small minds and prejudice even as they battle their attraction.



These three novellas were given to me by the author’s publicist for review.  The writing style reminded me a little of Christian romance –– and then the sex started.  I nearly fell off my chair!

Still I dusted myself off and continued with the novellas and after throwing out all my previously held notions started to enjoy the books.  They really are kind of perfect short Christmas / Holiday reads, quick and easy and not too taxing.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 9.23.18 pmMany thanks to Badass Marketing for providing me with these review copies.

Yellow, Orange, Red –– what it means:

Accidental Cowgirl (by Maggie McGinnis)

Contemporary Romance

In quick succession, Kyla’s fiancé cheated both her and her grandparents of their savings; she was in a serious car accident which left her broken and scarred; and her grandparents who were forced to leave their home passed away.

With the court case behind her and her now ex-fiancé behind bars Kyla’s two closest friends drag her to a dude ranch in Montana to help her regroup and plan her next step. One of the first people she meets in Whisper Creek is Decker, the quintessential tall dark and handsome cowboy. She’s attracted to him but with so much baggage weighing her down she doesn’t trust her judgement.

Decker has his own problems. After kicking him out many years earlier, his father used the ranch to back his out of control gambling. Now his father has died and left Decker with the mess. He needs to find the money to pay back the debts or the ranch will be lost.

Nothing happens in Accidental Cowgirl that I haven’t seen before, but it’s exactly what I want from this genre. A simple story well told, characters I like and nothing too tricky. It’s a light and satisfying read and among the better Contemporary Romances I’ve read recently.

Many thanks to Random House and Netgalley for providing me with this ARC