Forrest for the Trees (by Kilby Blades)

Contemporary Romance

Sierra is a junior ranger working her butt off at the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and hoping for a promotion. But as an African American woman she finds herself running into a wall of good ol’ boys and frustrated at every turn. 

On the surface Forrest, a Federal Fire Marshal, is one of those good ol’ boys and Sierra has put him neatly into the box with all the other white men who are holding her back. But she may have miscalculated. 

With a series of fires being set within the national park, Forrest and Sierra team up to catch the arsonist before someone gets killed. 

Forrest for the Trees is a charming and entertaining page turner. It is everything I look for in Contemporary Romance, well developed characters, a good story, well written. Kilby Blades gets the balance right. It’s perfect.

Vanishing Edge (by Claire Kells)


Special Agent Harland works for the Investigative Services Branch of the National Parks Service. When criminal activity occurs within a national park it is her job to investigate.

After a rookie ranger finds an abandoned campsite in a remote part of Sequoia National Park, SA Harland is sent in to find out what happened.

She quickly realises it is anything but innocent and together with the ranger they set out to solve the mystery.

Vanishing Edge is a classic police procedural. The investigation is what drives this story forward and honestly it’s what makes this story great. The characters and the backdrop of Sequoia National Park don’t hurt it either. Everything about this book is kind of perfect. I wish every book I picked up was this good.

Many thanks to Crooked Line Books and Netgalley for providing me with a review copy of this book.