Resisting the Rancher (by Roxanne Snopek)

Contemporary Romance

When Celia returns to her home town to open her veterinary practice, she brings with her a world of trouble. While studying vet science, a family tragedy caused her to fall behind. Headed for failure she found a helping hand from the wrong guy and now she is being blackmailed and the family business is being threatened.

She turns to Jonah, the guy who she followed around when she was a kid. Now he’s a lawyer who goes out of his way to avoid sticky legal situations, but he’s always been attracted to Celia and before he knows it he’s helping her with her legal problems. As Celia pushes Jonah’s buttons, Jonah struggles to come to terms with the now grown up and very sexy woman he swore to always protect.
Resisting the Rancher is pretty good contemporary romance. It occasionally loses its way, some aspects of the story were a little under done, and the resolution was quite sudden but those problems are outshone by the main character Celia who is really kind of cool and saves this book from mediocrity.

She’s so cool that I wish the book was all about her. It didn’t really need the blackmail subplot and in some ways that detracted from the best part of the story.

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 8.51.33 pmMany thanks to Roxanne Snopek for providing me with this ARC

Yellow / Orange / Red –– What it means.

Three River Ranch (by Roxanne Snopek)

Rory has escaped her home town and jerk-off ex. Pregnant and homeless, she rents a cottage on a former cattle ranch as a temporary place to stay until her baby is born. Unfortunately Carson, who plans on using the ranch as a sanctuary for wild mustangs also has a claim on the cottage.

They find themselves living under the same roof and eventually fall in love, but both have trust issues and can’t admit to their feelings which causes a little angst.

Three River Ranch has all the ingredients you expect from books in this genre…a tall, rough around the edges hero; a soft pregnant and emotionally bruised heroine; a dog; horses; puppies; and a run down cottage.

To be honest it’s exactly what I want. Books like this are a little like McDonalds. You can go to a McDonalds anywhere in the world and know exactly what you’re getting. I don’t buy these books to be surprised, I buy them to be entertained and to feel good about myself.

Three River Ranch delivers that and then some.

Many thanks to Entangled and Netgalley for providing me with this ARC