Cold Reign (by Faith Hunter)

Urban Fantasy

’twas a dark and stormy night…

…and the European Vamps have arrive.

As the Enforcer for Leo Pellisier, New Orleans’ master vampire, it’s left to Jane to plug every supernatural hole in the dike. She and her team find themselves called from one crisis to another as revenants rise and attack the people of the city while a supernatural storm beats down on New Orleans causing riots in the streets.

Jane is struggling to keep up as the European Vampires launch one attack after another and all the while they are circling ever closer to their end game.

This book is a runaway train. It crashes along at a frenetic pace and leaves you gasping for a breath by the end. It’s brash and in your face and one of the best books in the series to date. 5 Stars.





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Yellow, Orange, Red –– What it means.  YOR-Guide


Shadow Rites (by Faith Hunter)

Urban Fantasy 

Witches and vampires have been at war for more than a thousand years. But with the impending visit of the European vampires to New Orleans, Leo (the Master Vampire of NOLA and the Southern U.S.) needs to shore up his territory, and an accord with the witches is one way to do that.

With so many witches from all over the U.S. landing in New Orleans it’s crucial that nothing happens to disrupt the meeting. Then a very old vampire is found chained in a submerged pit in the bayou and all the evidence points to her being put there by witches.  All of a sudden, not only is the meeting in jeopardy there is a good chance the discovery could lead to open war.

Jane is given the job of finding the guilty party and saving the peace treaty.


Shadow Rites is another entertaining instalment in the Skinwalker series. It has the welcome return of Beast who seemed to be taking a back seat for a few books as well as other favorite characters, Molly and Angie.  It’s good –– perhaps even great.

But I do have an issue.  The European Vampires impending visit was first mentioned three, maybe four books ago.  And we’re still waiting.  I kind of feel like saying ‘get on with it already’.

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(The 2 New) Jane Yellowrock Novellas

Leading up to the release of Shadow Rites Faith Hunter released two new novellas set just before the witch conclave.  Personally, I think the Jane Yellowrock novellas are hit and miss and more often than not they’re miss.  In this case, Cat Fight was great! Well worth the effort.  Bound no More … not so much. It was like she threw a couple of favorite characters at the page and that was it for story. It really felt like a waste of time to me, but perhaps the die hard fans will enjoy it.

Cat Fight

Jane travels to the bayou to sort out a   Hatfield / McCoy feud over a magical talisman.




Bound no More

Molly and Angie visit Jane in New Orleans and are attacked by a dragon.

Dark Heir (by Faith Hunter)

Urban Fantasy

After a powerful vampire, one of the very first vampires, escapes from the sub-basement where he’s been kept prisoner serious carnage on the streets of New Orleans follows. With the residents up in arms and baying for vampire blood; the council of European vampires threatening war over the imprisonment of one of their own; and traitors working against the Master of New Orleans, it’s left to Jane to hunt down the rogue vampire and do it before seething animosities boil over.

Dark Heir is very much a transition book. It deals with a few things which have been bubbling away in the background of the last few books and sets the scene for the next in the Jane Yellowrock series. In that sense, it’s an important book but probably not as good as some of the other books in the series. It was entertaining, especially the climax but the stars of this series are Jane and Beast, and sadly Beast was mostly absent.

Here’s hoping the next in the series has Beast and Jane back to doing what they do best, hunting vampires together.

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Black Arts (by Faith Hunter)

Urban Fantasy


 Jane Yellowrock is the last Cherokee Skinwalker. Using bones and teeth as her template she is able to transform into any animal, but on top of this ability, many hundreds of years earlier she took the soul of a mountain lion into her in a life and death battle.  That mountain lion is named Beast and she lends to Jane the skills of a predator, a powerful sense of smell and super agility, not to mention some not altogether welcome advice on mating.

Jane works as a vampire hunter and the acting enforcer for Leo Pellissier, the vampire master of the city of New Orleans. 

Black Arts

Jane’s oldest and dearest friend, Molly Trueblood has disappeared, and she was on her way to see Jane when it happened.  When Evan, an air-witch and Molly’s husband shows up with their two children he brings with him a tornado and a whole truckload of worry.

Jane quickly learns that his worries are well founded, it looks like Molly has been taken by a vampire. And with the strange scent of witch and vampire showing up, she is worried that Molly is being used to power blood magic…and blood magic always demands a life.

Black Arts is book seven in the Jane Yellowrock series and in some ways I think it’s the best yet. Certainly the best since book one, Skinwalker.  Some of my favorite characters, characters who have been absent for the last couple of books have returned and things which have been bubbling away in the series are finally resolved, for both good and bad.

This book really feels like a fresh start and I’m excited to see what comes next.

Many thanks to Berkley and Netgalley for proving me with this ARC.