The Alabaster Hip (by Maggie Fenton)

Regency Romance

On a mission to rescue his daughters from a fate worse than death — the West Barming School for Recalcitrant Young Ladies — Viscount Marlowe stumbles into the room of Minerva Jones and is discovered there on top of her with his hands in places his hands have no right to be.

His next encounter with her is when his carriage sends her flying into a muddy ditch as he and his daughters are making haste to return home to London.

His daughters rather like Miss Jones and are unimpressed with Marlowe. Minerva who was dismissed from her employment after the Viscount fell on her isn’t all that impressed either.

Killing two birds with one stone, Marlowe employs Minerva as the governess for his two girls. As the months go by she finds herself more and more attracted to Marlowe but the daughter of a sailor has no place in the life of a Viscount.

The Alabaster Hip is a complete hoot. I can’t think of a single bad thing to say about this book. It’s a laugh out loud funny historical romance with characters you can’t help but love. Maggie Fenton writes women you wish you knew.

Position in Series: Book 3

Book 1 –– The Dukes Holiday
Book 2 –– Virtuous Scoundrel
Book 3 –– The Alabaster Hip


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Virtuous Scoundrel (by Maggie Fenton)

Regency Romance

Sebastian Sherbrook is a scoundrel and a rake so it doesn’t surprise anyone that on returning to England he is almost immediately called out by the father of a young woman who has found herself pregnant and without a ring.

Nobody believes his protestations of innocence and least of all the only woman he has ever loved. The woman he returned to England with the hope of courting. But with his reputation in tatters his slim hopes of wedding Lady Katherine disappear.

For her part, Lady Katherine has always loved Sherbrook but she is a fallen woman after being seduced by her music teacher at the age of 15. She doesn’t consider herself worthy of his affection and her frosty demeanour is more about protecting her heart than anything else.

It is left to her closest friend the Duchess to use her wiles in the hopes of getting the two together, but with dognappers after Katherine’s dogs, a Squire wanting to force Sherbrook down the aisle, a blackmailer, an elderly French toff, and their friends all meddling nothing is going to come easy.

Virtuous Scoundrel is a complete romp. It has the perfect blend of drama and farce and honestly it’s a hoot from start to finish and well worth the effort. Lovers of Regency Romance will love this book and I’m reasonably confident that anyone who picks it up will enjoy it. You don’t need to be a woman or a fan of historical fiction. It’s that good.

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