Damage in an Undead Age (by A.M. Geever)

Horror / Zombie Apocalypse

Miranda, Mario and Doug left San Jose (Love in an Undead Age Book 1) with a mission. To find a vaccine for the zombie virus and make it available for all.

In Damage in an Undead Age they have managed to set themselves up in an abandoned university where Mario can work on the vaccine. But there are enemies everywhere and the price demanded of them might be too much for anyone to pay.

It’s easy to forget that zombie apocalypse books are a sub-genre of horror. Over the years they have fallen into a predictable pattern and when you pick one up you can check off all the tropes. 

Escape the city – check
Visit Walmart – check
Build a fort – check
Battle a zombie horde – check

Not so here. This series is completely original and it turns the genre on its head with a bit of a nudge back towards the horror end of the spectrum.

Honestly, it’s brutal in parts and difficult to read at times –– and it’s completely brilliant. Can’t wait for book 3!

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

White Trash Zombie Gone Wild (by Diana Rowland)

Urban Fantasy 

Angel returns for the 5th instalment in the White Trash Zombie series.  In this book the zombie movie that was filmed in her home town is finally ready for release and the whole town has gone zombie crazy.  Unfortunately one of the films producers has a flash drive which shows footage of actual zombies –– at least he did until he showed up dead minus his head and the flash drive.

With the rest of the zombie tribe busy it’s up to Angel to track down the murderer, find the drive and keep the existence of zombies a secret.


First of all let me say that there is a lot of back story to this series and I don’t think White Trash Zombie Gone Wild will work as a stand-alone.  So if you haven’t read My Life as a White Trash Zombie don’t let the covers put you off, the whole series is a complete hoot.

Perhaps an even better idea would be to listen to the audiobooks narrated by Allison McLemore.  She has a voice which drips Southern honey and makes an already entertaining book great.

As far as White Trash Zombie Gone Wild goes, it’s a solid return to form for Diana Rowland.  White Trash Zombie Apocalypse (book 3) honestly felt like a victory lap, and I considered walking away.  Thankfully I didn’t.  How the White Trash Zombie got Her Grrove Back (book 4) was great, and White Trash Zombie Gone Wild is even better.  It’s probably the best since the My Life as a White Trash Zombie (book 1)

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My Life as a White Trash Zombie & Even White Trash Zombies get the Blues (by Diana Rowland)


My Life as a White Trash Zombie

Everything about Angel is on the wrong side of the tracks. She lives in a run down house with her abusive drunk of a father. Her boyfriend is a deadbeat and she can’t even hold onto a dead end job.

That is, until she is turned into a zombie. Now things are starting to look up for her. She has a job at the morgue which she is actually good at. She’s had to give up the drugs and alcohol and she’s managed to find a few friends who think more of her than she thinks of herself.

But there a zombie hunter out there somewhere and she needs to find him before he turns his attention to her.

My life as a White Trash Zombie is seriously good fun. It flows beautifully is suffused with snarky and intelligent humor, has a good dose of adventure and mystery and just a little romance. It works on every level.


Even White Trash Zombies get the Blues

The second in the White Trash Zombie series is every bit as good as the first.

Just when Angel’s life is starting to look up, a body she picked up from a mysterious research facility is stolen from her at gun-point, and with her criminal record, nobody is believing her story. Now her job is on the line, her relationship with her new boyfriend Marcus is on the rocks, and someone is killing off witnesses.

If she doesn’t get to the bottom of the mystery her parole might be revoked and she could very well end up back in jail. With little choice she accepts some help from an unlikely source and the race is on to solve the puzzle and save the day.

With these two books Diana Rowland has well and truly cemented her place as a favorite author. The White Trash Zombie books are reminiscent of Molly Harper’s Jane Jameson / Half Moon Hollow books. They are intelligent, snarky, good fun and easy to read. I love everything about them.