Lingerie Wars (by Janet Elizabeth Henderson)

Contemporary Romance

When former soldier, Lake Benson finds himself the owner of a lingerie shop in a small Scottish town, he sets about destroying the competition. The competition being the lingerie shop just across the road owned by Kirsty Campbell.

Kirsty’s career as an international model was ended when she was involved in a serious car accident.  Left penniless and with both physical and mental scars she returns to her home town to rebuild her life.  Her small lingerie shop is her last roll of the dice and when Lake threatens her business she needs to learn to fight or lose everything.

Lingerie Wars is cute and quirky contemporary romance, about a woman who has been kicked to the curb but with a little help from her rival starts to regain her confidence. It’s light, fluffy and good fun.

Many thanks to Janet Elizabeth Henderson and Netgalley for providing me with this ARC.

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